Government regulation on work sites

Licences. In NSW, Legislation from Department of Fair Trading protects consumers by requiring all installers of shade structures to be licensed as contractors and supervisors. Abacus Shade Structures holds Contractor Licence 55227C and Supervisor Licence 13626S.

WH&S. NSW State Government Workplace Health and Safety regulations apply on all building sites to protect workers and the public equally. Many management systems need to be in place to ensure safety is paramount on any building site. These systems may include Work place induction, Staff skills identification and training levels, SWMS - safe work method statement, Hazard identification, Tool Tagging, Machinery certifications, Equipment upkeep logs. Compliance with safe work requirements does prevent accidents.

Industry Self Regulation.  Industry self regulation will become increasingly relied upon in the shade structure industry to differentiate skilled operators.  Rigorous compliance and background checks are carried out to ensure accredited operators work to the highest standards. In December 2014 Abacus Shade Structures received accrediatation from the national body The Specialised Textiles Association of Australia. 

Installation team

The Abacus installation team is well qualified and in the interests of continuous improvements are learning new skills daily. We encourage skill, courtesy safety and efficiency on all job sites to our customers.

Our complete service extends through design to installation. Our staff and contractors have skills ranging from engineering, designing, painting, steel welding, rigging, machinists, RF welder operators, machine and tool operation, truck drivers, project co-ordinators, management and supervision.  We support a non discriminatory employment workplace regardless of age, race, gender or religion.  

Installation process

  • Site visit for final review, inductions, site mark ups, change in vehicle access.
  • Refer service reports, approvals, concept drawings, photos, design, engineering and shop drawings to project.
  • Workplace Health & Safety - SWMS, high risks reviewed.
  • Installation of steel works eg excavation, post positioning & concrete pour.
  • Fabric skin patterned, cut and welded off-site.
  • Fabric skin installed using ladders,scaffold, EWP lifting platforms or cranes.
  • Final tensioning and tuning of sail membrane.
  • Client inspection.
  • Maintenance plan,manuals and certifications issued.
  • Ongoing maintenance and service over coming years as required. 



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