An Introduction to Fabric Tension Structures

A Dynamic Industry

As manufacturers, suppliers or clients we shape the future of tension structures on a daily basis. As diverse membrane structures are constructed and new fabrics developed, there is an increasing confidence in the structural capacity and longevity of architectural fabrics as building materials.

Amazing and inspiringly beautiful buildings are built year by year. World class sporting stadiums, olympic games venues, airports, bus terminals and railway stations, huge shopping malls, in any environment whether in the snow of the desert.  So brilliant is the work of leaders in our industry that they can change how we identify the built world forever. It is with such dynamic benchmarks in the architectural textile industry that drive the growth and adaptability of tension structures to so many areas of our daily life.   




STEEL Steel framework engineered for all conditions.Hot dipped galvanised or epoxy 2 pack painted finish both designed to be resistanct.

STEEL FITTINGS Quality stainless steel fittings comprising  cables, turnbuckles, shackles, eye bolts and more to give strength, connectivity and  aesthetics to shade structures. 316 grade is the preferred quality for structures. 

FABRICS The flexibility and durability of commercial textile fabrics is the basis which leads to the designs achievable today. Fabrics include high performance teflon-coated fibreglass; price effective, strong and durable PVCs, open weave PVC meshes and the colourful & versatile shade cloths.  Manufacturers are so confident to stand by their products that long warranties are commonly on offer.     





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