Castle Hill Public School

The most important criteria for this structure was to provide plenty of shade for students. The school had a very hot asphalt space as the main play/assembly area. "Sun Shade" policies desirable in schools today aim for quality shade areas. The school felt this needed to be addressed.

Engineering was crucial to ensure loads were correctly calculated as there was a lot of weight on only 2 posts. Telescopic mast posts reduced the weight and gave a lighter appearance to the structure.

The structure was built outside school hours. This was a sensible move as there were heavy components involved. Some beams were 12m long. Machinery was required for lifting and to dig 2.5m deep footings. This conflict between students and construction activity highlights the importance of Risk Management. Abacus Shade Structures takes safety seriously

The school now has a very striking and impressive structure of unique design which is totally functional and offers cool usable shade for students.

FABRIC: Bundeena Blue Shadecloth Monotec 370

Steel Framework: Galvanised

Project Size: 250 sm

Head Builder or Architect: School Direct

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