Bob Jones Residence

The owner was very precise about care around his manicured grass and landscaping so any machinery had to be driven over ground protection mats so as not to harm the grass or pavers. But we had to build a big shade structure. These are the challenges we must deal with to come up with beautiful solutions and deliver unique products beyond peoples wildest expectations.

A wonderful outcome was the play of light and colour that originated from the umbrella and spread to the whole pool area. The balance was quite beautiful. This was in part due to the clients very specific colour requirements to calmly blend in with its surroundings. But it is also largely due to how the umbrella's design provided shadows along weld lines and framework through the shade cloth, and the visual flows along the curve lines. It is interesting to observe.

FABRIC: Kahloo (beige) shadecloth

Steel Framework: Black

Project Size: 50 sm

Head Builder or Architect: Client direct

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