Quakers Hill Water Treatment Works

Modeling had shown that chlorine added to the tanks was breaking down in the sun before it had a chance to effectively treat the water. Shade structures could reduce the rate of chlorine breakdown.

Dark shade cloth structures were recommended because the fabric would be strong, came with a fifteen year warranty, would block 90% of the sun rays but allow water to flow into the tanks.

This was neither an easy nor a pleasant job. There were many challenges to overcome.
Working in tanks was difficult and compliance was paramount. This included complying with NSW Government Workcover health and safety issues and general access, a pre-qualification survey, ongoing SWMS and risk assessment monitoring, quality review, on site inductions, daily meetings and close supervision.
The corrosive environment meant materials had to be rated highly and be backed with long warranties.
This was a very tightly managed operation but one which led to a successful project outcome. Cost savings would justify the expense.The new chlorine contact tanks can efficiently treat water as chlorine evaporation has been reduced with the installation of the huge shade structures.

I wish to acknowledge use of an aerial photograph of the shade structures as supplied by Sydney Water.

FABRIC: Monotec 370 in Koonunga Green Shadecloth

Steel Framework: Galvanized

Project Size: 1250 sm

Head Builder or Architect: SWWA


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