Span shades

 S trong and versatile Span Shades offer a practical and cost effective shade structure solution.   Engineered to stay put even in exposed locations and in severe weather. Abacus Span Shades have withstood cyclones and harsh desert heat.  Span Shades are very stable and incorparate a modular joining system to streamline installation and keep costs to a minimum. The secret is the unique Span Shade Knuckle and Joiner system developed by Abacus Shade Structures for use with span shades.

  • Flexible

Span shades span up to 20 meters. They are economical and very practical. Widely adaptable for use in industry, commerce, education and residential applications. We offer galvanised or painted steelwork and a broad colour range of fabrics. 

  • Installers

Shade sail installers find Span Shades a valuable business addition.  Advice is offered to installers on sizing, engineering  and design and Span Shades are distributed all over Australia. For installers who have fabric and steelwork fabrication capacity  you need only purchase the Abacus Knuckle system  build a complete span shade. A full support service is available to get you started.  Enquiries from shade structure installers are welcome. 

Hands down span shades deliver the best prices and best functionality. 


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