Are you getting the best shade structure for your money?

6 May 2014
Abacus Shade Structures

What should you look for when purchasing a shade structure. After all a shade structure is an expensive proposition. Getting the right shade will ensure you have an effective product for years to come. Not only will it be practical and beautiful but it will also add value to your property. Over the years Abacus Shade has repaired many shade structure failures. Upon looking closely we always see the same thing: shortcuts taken in the interest of saving money. Ask the right questions and you will soon find out if your installer can deliver on the job. Abacus Shade Structures has been designing and building shade structures for thirty years. We know building standards for shade.

The key items to consider when purchasing a shade structure are:

  1. Does the design meet your needs? Does it provide the right amount of shade?  Good design considers heights, angles, seasonal sun movement & surrounding structures to determine the most suitable shade structure.
  2. Is the installer suitably skilled? All shade structure installers should be licensed to operate in NSW. Ask for a license number and then check its validity on the Fair Trading licence search website. Does the installer have a good track record? How long has the business been trading and can you see some examples of work. The installer should be knowledgeable and instill confidence in you.
  3. Are the best materials being used?  Shade cloths and PVC have varying strengths, UV protection and warranty levels. Cheap materials abound. A strong fabric will give you many more years protection than 2 or 3 points of extra UV protection today.
  4. Is the shade structure designed against vandalism - most important if the structure is in a public place? At Abacus Shade Structures we look at deterrants. The location of fences and playground equipment, clearance heights, size of posts, installing anti climbing guards will contribute to discouraging vandals.
  5. Are you getting value for money? Compare posts sizes, footing depths, types of fabrics. Beware of taking the cheapest option. 


Ask the tough questions before you sign a contract and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you can achieve.

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