Director elected President of The Specialised Textiles Association of Australia.

30 Nov 2016
Abacus is indeed honoured to have it's Director elected to lead our industry association

This year Director, Beatrice Moonen  was elected President of the Australian Specialised Textiles Assocation (STA) . Her credentials are befitting her role. Following university she worked for 7 years to encourage small business through the Sydney Chamber of Commerce and the NSW Department of Industry and Small Business.  She founded Abacus Shade Structures with her partner  in 1984 and has never looked back , loving every moment of being part of small business. She chaired the STA's Fabric Structures Committee for  4 years and in 2015  was  the first  recipient of the STA’s  Women of the Year award. 

In her acceptance speech at the National SuperExpo Textiles Conference on the Gold Coast this year she said  "STA members represent the essence of  small business in Australia. Members come from  diverse areas of manufacturing whether it be general textiles fabrication,  fabrication of marine upholstery and marine covers, canvas, tents, tarpaulins, awnings, geo textiles, shade structures, installation, design  or materials and equipment suppliers. Members are  innovators seeking out new materials, technologies, designs and uses  of products to advance their niche industries.  We have come a long way.  30 years ago  shade structures didn’t  exist,  knitted shadecloth was woven,  scissors did the  cutting and 3D design was a dream. This is now today's outdoor textile industry reality. We have grown and diversified during a time when secondary industry has contracted.  We have bucked the trend.  With electronic marketing and  high performance materials and processes, and a focus on improving health outcomes  tomorrow promises to be even more exciting with more opportunities."

"By nurturing our positives I want to contribute to making this a stronger association for members. Raising consumer awareness, raising  work standards, cutting red tape, encouraging employment and training, supporting ongoing co-operation between suppliers and fabricators,  attracting  new members and working with affiliated organisations to increase recognition are the issues of importance in the coming years. "

This represents a fantastic recognition for our company's work and one which is wholeheartedly cherished.

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